Thailand’s Largest Durian Exporter Queen Frozen Fruit Joins DiMuto Trade Network

We are pleased to announce that Queen Frozen Fruit, Thailand’s largest frozen durian exporter and fresh durian distributor, is joining DiMuto Trade Network. In the coming months, we will be implementing our trade blockchain solutions to digitize Queen’s products.

DiMuto CEO Gary Loh with Queen Frozen Fruit President Kanjana Yaemprai

One of Queen Frozen Fruit 14 Thai durian packhouse

DiMuto Digitialized Durian QR Code
Each fresh durian tagged for traceability 

About Queen Frozen Fruit

Queen Frozen Fruit is a Thailand-based durian manufacturer and exporter.

  • Location: Thailand
  • Industry: Fresh Produce, Durians
  • Thailand’s Largest Fresh & Frozen Durian Exporter 
  • 14 Packhouses & 4 factories throughout Thailand
  • Est. 400 containers of fresh durians sold to China every year