A sustainable, global AgriTrade Ecosystem

DiMuto was created by fresh produce veterans with decades of experience in the perishables trade. While managing a global food supply chain and conducting international trade deals when running a global fruits and vegetables marketer and distributor, founder Gary Loh experienced many pain points and realized there was a need to change the way global food trade is being done.

With the aim of transforming the way global food trade was conducted and solve the global issue of food resilience and supply chain inefficiencies, DiMuto was thus born.

Harnessing The Power of Data Visibility and AI

Imagine a world where businesses have complete visibility over all aspects of their transactions – a world where decision-making is powered by data and visibility, leading to better, sustainable and ethical outcomes.

This is the world of Visible Trade.

DiMuto is an AI-driven trade management solution providing visibility across all flows of money, goods and services, empowering business leaders with data and transparency for better decision making.

Maximizing Business Efficiency, Minimising Impact On the Planet

At DiMuto, we prioritize sustainability in global trade to make a positive impact on the world. By leveraging IoT, AI, and blockchain technology, we demystify trade, streamline operations, and promote sustainable practices.

With Visible Trade, we empower companies to trade confidently, knowing their transactions align with sustainability goals. By providing visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain, we enable informed decisions that promote food sustainability.

Redefining Global AgriTrade
From Farm To Table

DiMuto supports every aspect of AgriFood trading, redefining the way goods are managed from farm to table, seamlessly and simply connecting every step and making it visible throughout.

We transform the “Messy Middle” of global agrifood supply chains by allowing all agrifood stakeholders to share a single source of truth. Visible Trade allows agrifood players to connect the dots together, so we can build a collaborative foundation for a better, sustainable global food system.

Our Milestones

100 million

USD worth of global trades digitized

17 categories

Agrifood digitized by DiMuto

100 million

Products digitized by DiMuto

12 countries

Deployment and presence

Our Global Trade Network

Our Global Trade Network is a collaborative nexus of farmers, packhouses, distributors and retailers working together to bring global consumers traceable, safe agrifood products.

Our Team

Gary Loh
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Selena Cheng
Managing Director

Chief Experience officer


Head of Tech ops


Chief Administrator

Our Advisors

James Prideaux
Strategic Advisor

Strategic Advisor

Technology Advisor

Simon Schillebeeckx
Strategic Advisor

Our Directors

Gary Loh

Patrick Vizzone
Board Director

Ryan Gwee
Board Director

Claire Pribula
Board Director

Dave Chen
Board Director

Our Partners

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