Optimise Cash Flow and Grow Your Business

Free up capital and fuel your business growth with DiMuto Financial Services. Tailored for the global AgriTrade industry, our financing solutions empower you to thrive in a competitive market.

Access flexible and reliable financing options designed to address the unique needs of AgriTrade businesses. Maximize your potential, seize opportunities, and navigate the market with confidence when you use DiMuto Financial Services.

Access data-backed financing for your global AgriTrade

At DiMuto Financial Services, we recognize the vital role that access to capital plays in the AgriFood sector.

Whether you’re a farmer, a producer, or a distributor, our specialized trade financing services are designed to meet your specific needs and enable you to quickly access working capital for successful growth. Exporters can receive payments quickly and improve cash flow, while importers can get support for smooth import deliveries.  

Our AI-powered trade financing services help assess creditworthiness based on real-time trade transactions, ensuring you get the best terms with more flexibiility.

Why our financing is different

How Our Invoice Factoring Works

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