Buying and Selling AgriFood Products Made Simple

Redefine AgriTrade with DiMuto Marketplace. When you buy and sell on DiMuto Marketplace, access a verifiable, trusted ecosystem of traceable global buyers and sellers.

Conduct trades powered by supply chain visibility, data and insights. Enter new markets with confidence and better manage your export-import business today.

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More Transparency, Less Risk

Effortlessly browse through a wide range of products and explore a vast network of trusted suppliers and buyers. What sets us apart is our commitment to traceability. DiMuto Marketplace ensures that every partner within our network adheres to rigorous traceability standards, providing you with a transparent and reliable supply chain.

Why Our Marketplace
Is Different

Harness the power of DiMuto’s Global Trade Network to secure new trading opportunities and gain a competitive advantage through our comprehensive trade solutions.

Unlock the potential of data-driven trades and gain valuable insights to propel your business forward. Differentiate your brand by showcasing traceability, positioning yourself as the go-to partner for traceable products and verified trades. Leverage our vast network of buyers to trade smarter and achieve exponential growth.

How It Works For Suppliers

Are you a seller looking to expand your reach and boost your trade operations? Look no further. With the DiMuto Marketplace, gain access to a world of opportunities. Connect with a vast network of potential buyers and open doors to new markets and customers today. 

How It Works For Buyers

Are you a buyer in search of high-quality, traceable AgriFood products? Look no further. The DiMuto Marketplace is your gateway to discovering exceptional products at the best prices, with favorable payment terms.

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