Connecting The Dots
In Your Supply Chain

With oversight of flow of goods and flow of money on one single platform, business leaders like you can take charge of your business and make informed decisions to trade smarter, grow greater.

DiMuto Trade Management helps you run your trades with seamless coordination. Know inner workings of each trade at your fingertips. Share verified trade data with your trade partners and create trust that lasts.

Farm-To-Fork Digital Tools to Help You Grow Greater

DiMuto Trade Management has end-to-end features seamlessly connected on one single platform. Get the data insights you need to scale your business today.

Keep track of farm, harvest and sales data

See each product and carton, & get AI Powered Quality Scoring

See all product, shipping and sales information and actions in one place

Capture and access real-time pre and post shipment inspection data and reports

Showcase verified traceability with our Product Passports to end consumers

Make and record payments and settlements knowing what’s going on for each trade

Build A Future-Ready Business Operation, Driven By Data and AI

Unify product, document and payment on a single timeline so you can get the visibility you need to better manage your AgriFood trades.

Optimize Supply Chain Sustainability with DiMuto

Unlock the power of DiMuto Trade Management Platform to drive food sustainability. Organize and measure your supply chain data, gain insights, and make informed decisions to build a greener future.

Track environmental impact, resource utilization, and carbon footprint to identify areas for improvement. Take targeted actions, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and meet the demands of conscious consumers.

With DiMuto, manage sustainability with ease, enhance operational efficiency, and create a more sustainable AgriFood system today.

Product Quality Checks, Powered by AI

Gain clarity for each of your trade transaction, down to every carton and every product as they move along your supply chain.

With DiMuto Trade Management, you can now track & trace your trades down to product level and get the data you need to increase efficiency, reduce costs and grow your business.

Differentiate Your Brand with Traceability

DiMuto’s SMART Marketing enables grower-exporters and suppliers to directly engage with end consumers. By showcasing a verified traceability story, you can establish a strong brand presence and set yourselves apart from the competition.

Streamline Your Trade
Payments & Settlements

Stay informed and in control of your trade operations with our comprehensive payment and settlement solutions. DiMuto enables you to access real-time, verified insights across departments, ensuring transparency at every stage.

Effortlessly make secure and seamless payments associated with each trade using our blockchain-based DiMuto Digital Wallet. With our cutting-edge technology, you can execute transactions confidently and securely.

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