Global AgriFood Trade Solutions DiMuto Launches Farm Management Application to Empower Smallholder Farmers with Digitalized Farm to Fork Visibility & Financing Services

  • DiMuto, a global AgriFood Trade Solutions company, rolls out the Farm Management Application as an expansion of its all-in-one Platform. The DiMuto Farm Management feature helps smallholder farmers to digitalize farm records, transport, and sales information and improve the efficiency and visibility of their operations.
  • DiMuto Farm Management also digitally connects smallholder farmers to agronomists and procurement teams, equipping AgriFood companies with verified upstream farm data to better inform their agronomic and purchase decisions as well as work more closely with smallholder farmers for greater and more efficient output.
  • The Farm Management feature automatically connects to Production Management and Trade Management features of the DiMuto Platform, allowing companies to track the farm and lot that the AgriFood product originated from and follow it as it travels through the supply chain. Being able to track factors such as the farmers that grew the food, approved fertilizers, and the amount of water used highlights key social and environmental dimensions in purchasing decisions. This added visibility allows AgriFood companies to track key sustainability metrics with improved accuracy.   
  • Research estimates that 70% of smallholder farmers in global Agri supply chains live below the global poverty line of $3.20 a day, amounting to over 122 million people. The Digital Wallet function of the Farm Management app helps farmers track, receive and access digital payments – the digital payment rail creates a strong foundation for executing smallholder farmer financing and insurance opportunities, ensuring that loans can be directly and properly deployed to the farmers for verifiable purposes, such as improving the efficiency and sustainability of their farm operations to strengthen the resiliency of farming enterprises.
  • To tackle these systemic issues, DiMuto plans to implement Farm Management solutions and its financing offering with existing customers in Indonesia, Mexico, and Colombia.

Singapore, 17 May 2022 – DiMuto, a global AgriFood Trade Solutions company, launches DiMuto Farm Management, the latest feature in its all-in-one Trade Platform. DiMuto Farm Management digitalizes smallholder farm operations and achieves upstream supply chain visibility.

The DiMuto Farm Management application connects growing, harvesting, selling, and payments for better visibility of farm operations with its three functions – Grow, Sell, and Services. Using the DiMuto Farm Management Application, smallholder farmers can easily set up their digital identity on the Farm Management mobile application and connect their operations to their buyers such as procurement teams and agronomists from larger traders and packhouses within minutes. Through an intuitive interface, farmers can simplify farm administration, storing and accessing digitalized farm records, transport, and sales information easily. Additionally, they can also obtain yield estimates, track production, and get timely reminders to manage their field.  

DiMuto Farm Management Application

Such farm data is then automatically populated to an aggregated web dashboard for agronomists and procurement teams to track the farm and estimated harvests, giving more accuracy to supply planning. The Farm Management also seamlessly connects to Production Management and Trade Management features of the DiMuto Platform, allowing AgriFood companies to track the source of their AgriFood products and raw materials, down to the farm and lot that they originated from. As an added layer of verification, all supply chain data recorded on the DiMuto Platform is also uploaded on the blockchain, ensuring immutability and trust.

With increasing demands from consumers and governments for sustainable sourcing, this down-reaching level of supply chain visibility will help AgriFood companies track and verify key sustainability metrics.  For instance, AgriFood procurement teams are now able to track measures such as the farmer that grew the food, the number of approved fertilizers, and water being used for the products that they purchased – enabling them to work more closely with farmers on the ground to ensure sustainability practices. This is particularly important for companies to achieve supply chain sustainability, given that a McKinsey report has shown that 80 of large multi-national companies (MNCs)’ impact on air, land, water, biodiversity, and geological resources comes not from internal operations but from its supply chain, and most MNCs are struggling to assess supplier activities accurately and efficiently.

Research estimates that 70% of smallholder farmers in global Agri supply chains live below the global poverty line of $3.20 a day, amounting to over 122 million people. This is even though smallholder farmers produce a third of the world’s food.

The DiMuto Farm Management application also has a Digital Wallet function that helps farmers to track, receive and access digital payments. The payment rails will help DiMuto to execute smallholder farmer financing and insurance opportunities, allowing loans and payments to be directly deployed and rightfully received. The Digital Wallet is also connected to the Trade Management and the Grow aspect of the app, creating the ability to verify the purpose and usage of the loans, and ensuring that funds can be used for improved resiliency and sustainability of these smallholder farmers.

“We are very excited to launch the DiMuto Farm Management application and several projects are already in the works, with the support of partners who share the vision and see the potential for the Farm Management application to improve the livelihood of farmers they employ while ensuring the sustainability of their procurement operations,” said Julie Escobar, Chief Commercial Officer of DiMuto. “We truly believe this feature will greatly help growers, packers, shippers, importers, and retailers to have greater visibility on their buying and improve overall sustainability.”

The company has plans to implement the Farm Management application in Indonesia, Mexico, and Colombia. 


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