AI-Powered DiMuto Financial Services Expands into US and Mexico with Grupo Paisano Financing Deal

Singapore, 28 February 2023 – DiMuto, a global Agri-FinTech company, has expanded its AI-powered Financial Services to the US and Mexico through its latest financing deal with Grupo Paisano, a large international grower-exporter of fresh produce items based in Mexico. Financing Grupo Paisano’s fresh exports to the United States, the deal will leverage live trade transactional data tracked on DiMuto’s trade platform and utilize DiMuto’s proprietary trade health and financial AI to effectively mitigate systemic and transaction risks.

Grupo Paisano is a grower-exporter collective that works together with smallholder farmers to build scalable, transparent, integrated supply chains connecting field to export markets. The company organizes farmers from three different regions in Mexico into Society of Rural Production (SPRs) and provides them with training, technology and support to improve production yield.

Grupo Paisano exports more than ten product categories such as avocados, mangoes, and limes to the United States, where it is working with leading produce distributors with presence in top nationwide supermarkets. Annually, the company exports over 1,000 containers of fresh produce with over US$17 million in trade value.

“We are excited to work with DiMuto’s technology-enabled financing solutions. Working with large retailers and distributors typically means payment terms that can span upwards of 30 days upon arrival. DiMuto’s trade finance is extremely helpful to effectively manage our cash flow and scale our business,” said Miguel Gallo Reynoso, General Director of Grupo Paisano.

DiMuto Financial Services provides AI-powered trade financing to AgriFood companies. The DiMuto platform unifies critical documents, products and payments in one place, gathering an accurate depository of live trade data between the borrower and respective business partners. To ensure data visibility of the supply chain, borrowers are required to digitalize their trades, tracking every single carton for each order from packhouse to export markets.

DiMuto leverages proprietary AI to assess trade health and product quality for every trade transaction, creating a complete and accurate image of financial and operational strength of companies. The added data visibility creates lower risks for financiers and more favourable financing rates for AgriFood SMEs. This means AgriFood companies can now better manage cash flows, maintain working capital liquidity, and have greater access to essential resources for economic growth.

The data-driven supply chain visibility created by DiMuto also provides significant sustainability insights via the DiMuto Sustainability Management dashboard. With its ability to track every single carton of products from farm to fork, DiMuto can accurately estimate the carbon footprint of AgriFood companies. Companies can now identify opportunities for optimization and efficiency, such as reducing food waste and energy consumption. This helps reduce costs and support sustainable practices, which can be leveraged to secure financing.

Such data regarding sustainability metrics can also be made readily available to financiers, who traditionally face challenges in sustainability financing due to the lack of transparency and visibility into supply chains. Now, they can easily conduct due diligence with DiMuto’s data visibility and AI, ensuring funds invested fulfil sustainability objectives.

“Grupo Paisano continues to lead the market with its commitment to smallholder farmers and promotion of sustainable agriculture supply chains. We are proud to support Grupo Paisano in this important work with our data-driven financing and help them grow their business and communities together,” said Julie Escobar, Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer of DiMuto.

The Mexican fresh produce industry has consistently seen positive growth and produces US$17.5 billion worth of fresh produce every year. While Mexican exports dominate the US market, there is plenty of untapped opportunities for Mexico to grow its exports in both established and newer markets, such as the Asia-Pacific region.  

Grupo Paisano is also working with DiMuto via the DiMuto Marketplace, a B2B AgriFood marketplace, to tap on the company’s strong network in Asia and grow their export business. The innovate DiMuto Marketplace connects traceable buyers and sellers in the AgriFood industry, providing access to high quality products with supply chain visibility. The marketplace offers a wide range of fresh produce, manufactured foods, and seafood products for potential buyers, enabling quick and efficient sourcing. The DiMuto Marketplace is also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, working with growers and suppliers who use eco-friendly farming and packaging practices.

DiMuto continues to deepen its presence in US and Latin America, and is working towards strengthening its financial offerings. The company plans to launch a loan fund targeted at institutional and accredited investors and broaden its financing facilities for AgriFood SMEs around the world. The move emphasizes DiMuto’s commitment to power global AgriFood trade with data visibility and finance for a more sustainable food system.


About Grupo Paisano

Founded in 2013 by Carlos Alvarez Figueroa, Grupo Paisano was created to improve the rural life of Mexican growers. We promote socio-economic sustainability and growth of small farmer communities to ensure long-term profitability of their small business operations. We believe we can change the world one small farmer at a time. That’s why we focus on better the lives of those who need it most. By transforming the way food is being grown, we are creating a healthier and more sustainable world.


About DiMuto

DiMuto is an AgriFood Trade Solutions that powers global AgriFood Trade with Visibility and Financing. With its three pillars of Marketplace, Trade Management, and Trade Financing, DiMuto simplifies every step of global trade. From produce, trade to market, DiMuto provide sales, marketing, operations, financing, and insurance tools so agribusinesses can get the data visibility they need to trade better and grow greater.

With Visible Trade, DiMuto powers companies and the world forward with confidence as we help create a more efficient, transparent, and measurable ecosystem of sustainable global AgriFood trade.

Since 2019, DiMuto has successfully tracked and traced over millions of pieces in produce and millions in dollars of trade value on our platform, working with a global portfolio of clients in over ten countries and five continents. DiMuto is founded by Chief Executive Officer Mr Gary Loh, who is also the Executive Chairman of First Alverstone Group.

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