DiMuto – FAQs

Updated: 26 April 2021
DiMuto is an A.I.-driven AgriFood Trade Solutions redefining global Agri Trade. With its three pillars of Marketplace, Trade Management, and Trade Financing, DiMuto powers global AgriFood Trade with data visibility and financing. DiMuto simplifies every step of global trade – from produce, trade to market, DiMuto provides sales, marketing, operations, financing, and insurance tools so agribusinesses can get the data visibility they need to trade better and grow greater. With DiMuto’s ability to capture AgriFood trades, make them visible and monetize them on a single platform, we create a more efficient, transparent, and measurable ecosystem of sustainable global AgriFood trade. With Visible Trade, DiMuto powers companies and the world forward with confidence. Since 2019, DiMuto has successfully tracked and traced over millions of pieces in produce and millions in dollars of trade value on our platform, working with a global portfolio of clients in over ten countries and five continents. DiMuto is founded by Chief Executive Officer Mr Gary Loh, who is also the Executive Chairman of First Alverstone Group. We have prepared a comprehensive Investor One Pager provides valuable insights into how different stakeholders, including businesses, investors, buyers, sellers, consumers, and communities, can benefit from our global presence, market activities, and the transformative services we offer. It showcases our commitment to creating shared value and driving positive change in the global AgriFood supply chain.   Download the DiMuto One Pager here.