DiMuto is Recognized as a Pre-Approved Solution Provider under the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s Advanced Digital Solutions Scheme for Sustainability, Empowering Singaporean AgriSMEs Through Digital Transformation 

  1. As a project lead for ADS in the Sustainability (Carbon Management) category, DiMuto will work with IMDA to drive Singaporean AgriSMEs’ adoption of DiMuto’s Trade Management Solutions, supported by the ADS grant.  
  2. DiMuto’s Trade Management Solutions makes Sustainability accessible by equipping AgriSMEs with DiMuto’s ESG Management Feature, which automates the drafting of Sustainability Reports using AI Tools, simplifies regulatory compliance, and enhances AgriSMEs’ reputations as responsible businesses. 
  3. For a limited time, Singaporean companies can now access up to 70% of grant support to use DiMuto’s Trade Management to gain unprecedented visibility into their supply chains, enabling them to enforce sustainability standards and build responsible supply chains. 

Singapore, 14 November 2023 – DiMuto, a global AgriFood Digital Transformation Solutions company, is delighted to announce its official recognition as a project lead for Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS) scheme, specifically in the Sustainability (Carbon Management) project category. 

Launched by IMDA in March 2020, the ADS scheme supports enterprises to pilot solutions as early adopters to deepen their digital capabilities, strengthen business continuity and to drive digital transformation to build resilience for business growth in a digital economy. This has great synergy with DiMuto’s comprehensive Trade Management Solution, which can provide AgriSMEs with a robust traceability system to better track and manage every step of their supply chain for transparency, efficiency, and reduced operational costs. 

Gary Loh, Founder & CEO of DiMuto, expressed his enthusiasm about this opportunity, saying, “We are thrilled to be recognized as an official project lead for IMDA’s Advanced Digital Solutions. DiMuto is committed to helping businesses unlock their full potential in the digital age while making a positive impact on our planet. Our services will equip enterprises with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive, even in challenging times.” 

Currently, AgriFood stakeholders face mounting pressure to uphold ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. The introduction of new regulations, such as Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) mandatory climate-related disclosures from FY2025 for Singaporean listed companies, requires comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosure throughout value chains. However, obtaining consistent, complete, and reliable data is a major challenge in accurate sustainability reporting.  

According to Ernst and Young, agriculture sectors often lack historical carbon emissions data as compared to other industries. Furthermore, research by the World Economic Forum finds that the complexity of ESG reporting discourages companies’ willingness and ability to report following established standards, especially for smaller or privately held companies. Thus, DiMuto’s ESG Management feature provides a comprehensive solution for AgriFood companies to track and monitor their sustainability performance. 

DiMuto’s Trade Management Solutions is equipped with a powerful ESG Management Feature. This feature is a game-changer for AgriSMEs, as it enables them to seamlessly integrate carbon management into their supply chain activities with real-time insight into their ESG impact across their operations.  Now, AgriFood companies can immediately determine their food waste from rejected or discarded products, carbon emissions from shipments and electricity usage, and water usage across locational facilities. These 3 key data metrics are then aggregated automatically on DiMuto’s ESG Dashboard. This dashboard helps Agrifood business owners easily see the environmental impact of their operations and follow product lifecycles in real-time. Additionally, this data can be immediately generated into a report using AI Tools to be shared with relevant parties, helping AgriFood businesses save valuable time and resources.  

DiMuto’s ESG Management Feature enables AgriFood companies to easily navigate the complex ESG regulations landscape and ensure that they can comply with evolving standards. Furthermore, larger AgriFood companies can also take charge of their supplier programs, allowing them to assess their trade partners according to their sustainability standards or goals to build stronger and more responsible supply chains. 

To ensure the integration and verification of this data, DiMuto’s ESG Management feature is built on blockchain technology and is connected to the existing Farm Management, Production Management, Trade Management, and Inspection Management features on the DiMuto Platform. DiMuto’s blockchain-powered solution helps to ensure immutability, showing the who, what, and when of data inputs for accurate tracking and monitoring of businesses’ environmental impact.  

The ESG Management feature will provide companies with detailed analyses of their carbon footprint, including a breakdown of emissions by product, location, and transportation mode. This data will help companies make informed decisions about reducing their carbon footprint and ensure companies are aligned in meeting their environmental targets. 

HuiMin Lee, DiMuto’s Chief Experience Officer, added, “The support provided by IMDA represents a significant milestone in our commitment to helping AgriSMEs embrace sustainability and digital innovation. We believe that technology and sustainability go hand in hand, and we’re excited to assist businesses in achieving their sustainability goals while thriving in the digital economy.” 

DiMuto remains committed to driving positive change and furthering sustainability in the AgriFood industry. For a limited time, Singaporean companies can now access up to 70% of grant support to use DiMuto’s Trade Management Solutions. For more information, please visit IMDA’s website here or email DiMuto at sales@dimuto.io.   


About DiMuto 

DiMuto redefines AgriTrade with AI, Data Visibility, and Finance — Using tech to create and connect a sustainable, global AgriTrade ecosystem.   

With our three pillars of Marketplace, Trade Management, and Trade Financing, DiMuto supports every aspect of AgriFood trading, redefining the way goods are managed from farm to table, seamlessly and simply connecting every step, and making it visible throughout.   

By traders for traders, we help AgriFood business owners optimize their operations efficiently and for them to build a foundation of trust between their buyers or sellers so that they can take action on improving and growing their businesses in a more sustainable, efficient manner.   

Maximizing Business Efficiency, Minimizing Impact on The Planet.   

Since 2019, DiMuto has successfully tracked and traced over millions of pieces in produce and millions in dollars of trade value on our platform, working with a global portfolio of clients in over ten countries and five continents. DiMuto is founded by Chief Executive Officer Mr Gary Loh, who is also the Executive Chairman of First Alverstone Group.  

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