Digital Transformation: A Pathway to Sustainable AgriTrade


There is increasing pressure from consumers, investors, regulators, and civil society to ensure AgriFood stakeholders align with ethical practices, environmental conservation, and social responsibility. This is why DiMuto is committed to providing an accessible digital solution to empower AgriFood businesses to plan, measure, and communicate such critical ESG information.

We are excited to release our latest whitepaper, titled “Digital Transformation: A Pathway to Sustainable AgriTrade”, which aims to guide AgriFood stakeholders in understanding the symbiotic relationship between ESG visibility and Digital Transformation to foster a more sustainable and technologically advanced supply chain ecosystem.

Explore the opportunities Digital Transformation offers the AgriFood industry to enhance ESG visibility. Together, we can build a resilient, socially and environmentally responsible global food system.

Download the DiMuto Whitepaper here.