Project Garuda – Record Time Dispute Resolution with DiMuto Track & Trace

Project Garuda – 4T Trade Dispute Resolution with DiMuto

Project Garuda is evidence of DiMuto’s record time dispute resolution process through our 4T Model. A packhouse on DiMuto’s system was able to track and trace its fuji apple as it moved through the global supply chain, subsequently being able to show blockchained proof of the quality of its fuji apple at the point of packing.

4T Trade Dispute Resolution with DiMuto

DiMuto Track & Trace solutions are centred on the 4Ts – our trade solutions platform must have Trackability, Traceability, Transparency therefore building Trust and enabling Collaborative Commerce.

TRACKABILITY: Digital Asset Creation (DAC) and IoT tracking condition of product at each supply chain stage
TRACEABILITY: Retrieving immutable records of condition of products at specific points of supply chain
TRANSPARENCY: Sharing of product information, condition and documents on blockchain with relevant partners
TRUST: Enabling Collaborative Commerce
A Verified Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

A local distributor in Indonesia claimed that a fruit importer had sold them apples with spots using these photos.

The conventional way of raising quality issues can be through WhatsApp, WeChat and emails. These disconnected communications methods made tracing back relevant documentation difficult, and it was also impossible to ascertain the authenticity of such product photos from customers.

However, a simple scan of the DiMuto QR code of each carton allowed the fruit importer to efficiently resolve this dispute over quality of products sold. By scanning the QR codes, the fruit importer was able to quickly pull out product information to help find out the truth. DiMuto has thus revolutionized the trade dispute resolution process by reducing the burden of proof on sellers through our blockchain platform.

The blockchained photo of the packed apples taken at the point of packinghouse and verified associated trade documents revealed that the fruit importer was not liable.

Instead, it showed that it was because of the local distributor’s lack of cold storage facilities that led to the apples developing spots.

Thus, DiMuto is able to effectively reduce the burden of proof on produce packhouses and importers to prove that the quality of goods at the point of selling fits the purchase requirements. This is only because of Digital Asset Creation (DAC) where we are able to digitize individual fruits and tag them to cartons and create and collect data regarding the product as we track it along the supply chain.