Strengthening The Farm to Table Brand with Traceability – Newton Orchards

  • Newton Orchards is now able to connect with its end consumers directly, launching a marketing campaign that raises awareness of the Newton Orchards brand while implementing DiMuto’s SMART marketing services to communicate its from farm to table traceability story to consumers in Australia.
  • DiMuto’s QR code-driven SMART marketing services are a cost-effective solution for reaching end consumers and communicating traceability brand stories from farmers and producers.
About Newton Orchards A key Western Australia orchard, Newton Orchards of Manjimup is a family owned and operated business for over 90 years and four generations. Over the years, it has grown to one of the most trusted fruit growers in Australia.
    • Has a fruit derivative beverage line of ciders and juices to reduce food waste
    • Grows a wide variety of crops, such as apples, pears, and cherries
    • Supplies fresh produce to major retail supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths.
    • Industry: fresh produce
    • Location: Manjimup, Western Australia
Dimuto’s Results
    • DiMuto Digital Asset Creation (DAC) and the trading platform provided trade traceability that helped provide complete supply chain visibility
    • SMART marketing solutions helped engage end consumers and strengthen the Newton Orchard brand
Key Challenges
    •  Unable to engage end consumers directly and learn more about their customers
    • Unable to meet consumer demand for traceability of their fresh produce
    • Difficult to conduct cross-promotion for their fresh and beverage products
    • Challenging to differentiate the Newton Orchards apples from other existing brands in the market
For many growers and producers, it is often difficult to differentiate their products from existing products and brands in the market. This makes entries into new markets or sales channel challenging. Additionally, being at the upstream of the food supply chain, they often rely on intermediaries to deliver the product to the end consumers and as such, have no way of directly communicating with the people who consume their products. At the same time, more and more consumers are looking for traceability when it comes to fresh produce, as they want to be certain that the produce they are purchasing has been safely handled and are of good quality. While farmers have been complying with safety regulations and good processing practices, it is difficult to communicate this to the end consumers. How DiMuto Helps DiMuto’s SMART Marketing solution provides a simple solution that connects the farmers to the end consumers. As part of DiMuto’s trade solutions platform, the Sales & Marketing Retention & Awareness Tool (SMART) Marketing solution allows fresh produce growers and suppliers like Newton Orchards to conduct cost effective marketing campaigns to engage consumers. With DiMuto SMART Marketing, Newton Orchards is able to communicate to end consumers using the DiMuto QR Labels tagged on every apple. When consumers scan the QR code, they now have the power to know the journey behind a simple apple, and learn about the origin of the apples, farming practices and history of the four-generation farm. Newton Orchards SMART Marketing Lucky Draw Campaign Newton Orchards is now also able to conduct direct marketing campaigns through DiMuto SMART Marketing. It has hosted a lucky draw campaign for its Western Australia market, aiming to raise awareness about its apple juices and ciders, as well as its traceability story for the fresh Pink Lady apples. Point of Sales Marketing by Newton Orchards The marketing campaign has garnered positive feedback from consumers on the ground with its point-of sales tasting and marketing, showing that consumers respond to traceability and QR marketing. The lucky draw mechanism also allows Newton Orchards to gain an understanding of the behaviour and profile of their end consumers, and build a relationship with them. Point of sales tasting campaigns in Gilbert’s Fresh Market, Western Australia To utilize DiMuto SMART Marketing, Newton Orchards deploy DiMuto traceability solutions in order to capture their supply chain information, including DiMuto QR Labels. This allows them to communicate a verifiable traceability story to end consumers and use traceability as a tool to differentiate their brand. Newton Orchard Pink Lady Apples with DiMuto Hybrid QR Tags Adam Buckley, Logistics Manager of Newton Orchards, with Charlie Opferkuch, Owner/Manager of Gilbert’s Fresh Market Hilton owner/manager “We are excited to partner with DiMuto as part of our commitment to deliver sustainable and safe food to Australian consumers. By being able to track each apple from the farm to fork, we’re able to guarantee food integrity that customers can enjoy the apples in a way that’s closer to nature,” said Harvey Giblett, owner and manager of Newton Orchards. With DiMuto-verified products and trade, Newton Orchards is now able to leverage traceability to differentiate their brand and strengthen their farm to table brand to end consumers. If you are interested to learn more about how DiMuto helps fresh produce growers to grow their brand with traceability, please reach us here or drop us an email at